Engravable 090 West Indian Bangle with Solid Ball and Bamboo Pattern Handmade in 925 Sterling Silver

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We no longer offer engraving on bangles, item is sold as is

Material - genuine sterling silver .925
Wire thickness - .09” or 2.3mm (this is a thin bangle)
This wire thickness is thin and delicate so it requires some care when putting on and taking off.

About this bangle:
This is a unique combination of the traditional West Indian Bangle with an Identification plate. The silver wire is marked with the bamboo pattern and then the plate is hammered from the middle and shaped by hand. This is a unique feature because the plate is never separate from the bangle and is less likely to break apart than some other bangles that have their plates soldered on. It does take more time and work than to just solder on the plate but the integrity of the material remains intact. 
Each item is handmade and is therefore unique. The plate is ideal for engraved names or messages. 
The Solid Balls are casted separately and soldered onto the ends of the wire with .925 silver solder. 

About West Indian Bangles:
West Indian Bangles are a tradition of the Caribbean Islands. They were originally created through the unison of East Indian and African designs. These West Indian Bangles are typically worn in pairs but I price and sell them individually so you can choose how many you want to buy. These bangles are unisex such that both men and women wear thick bangles and thin bangles although men tend to prefer the thicker ones. They are often given to children to remind them of their heritage.


Weighs between 9g-11g

Baby - 5" circumference
Child - 6" circumference 
Small - 6 1/2" circumference 
Medium - 7" circumference 
Large - 7 1/2" circumference 

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