The History of Baby Bangles

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In Indian culture (and many others), the tradition of babies wearing bangles originated from the belief that wearing black beaded bangles will help protect newborns from evil spirits and the evil eye. As times have evolved, these bangles are now given to babies with West Indian heritage to remind them of their culture. However, we now see that across the globe, people of all cultures have started adorning their babies in beautiful gold and silver jewelry. 


Bangles can be worn by both baby girls and boys. Please note that while they are aesthetically beautiful, it is very important to take precautions when considering the safety of your baby. Some metals can cause irritation to your child’s skin, oftentimes resulting in a rash. We use 925 sterling silver and 10K gold for our jewelry, ensuring that whatever touches your baby, it will be of the highest quality. We recommend supervising young children while wearing jewelry in addition to avoiding periods of wear.  

Bangles have been a staple in cultures across the globe dating back to 2600 B.C. The rise of bangles specifically in West Indian cultures can be attributed to the slave trade era. The bangles were originally used as a form of currency during this era and then afterwards, evolved into being viewed as a status symbol among women. Now, it is very common to gift babies with bangles so they can have a constant reminder of their heritage. In fact, I often make it a point to gift one to any of my friends who have recently had a baby.

When it comes to babies wearing jewelry, there are many more options outside of just baby bangles. Nowadays, babies are gifted with earrings, necklaces, anklets and more as a form of aesthetic expression. If you aren’t quite ready to gift your baby with a bangle, an earring or anklet might be a great place to start. 

As your child ages, it is our hope that Caribbijou items will serve as a reminder of their heritage or as an introduction to our beautiful Caribbean culture. 

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History Behind West Indian Bangles


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  • Need a pair of sterling silver bangles for my Great Grandson!! It’s a tradition for the 1st Birthday! (NYC thing)!
    I’ve had mines on for 50+ years and have passed it on to my G’s and now GG’s

    Carolyn McCown on

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