How To Measure Your Wrist

Here is some quick easy instructions to help find your wrist size.

Measuring your wrist Ruler Download here


Using a measuring tape


  • Starting at "0", wrap the tape around your wrist bone snugly to your skin. We need your exact wrist measurement.
  • Mark where the ends of the tape measure touch.
  • Do not add or subtract from this measurement.


Using a piece of paper

  • Starting from the edge of a piece of paper, wrap the paper around your wrist.
  • Mark with a pen where the paper's edges touch.
  • Then, link up paper against a ruler and.
  • Provide your exact wrist measurement in inches.


Ordering a bracelet

Please keep in mind It is important when you are ordering your bracelet
that you measure your wrist size and add 1/2" to provide for a comfortable fit.