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Magnificent Metals

Handcrafted Jewelry

Artisanal Craftsmanship

Magnificent Metals

925 Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver starts as fine grain before being smelted into 925 sterling silver. We use nothing but the finest silver for our customers because we want to produce the highest quality possible.

10k Yellow Gold

Our 10K Yellow Gold has such a soft, beautiful glow. That is because it is responsibly sourced gold purchased from reputable U.S. suppliers. We are able to produce fine jewelry without the harm to the environment that non-responsibly source materials cause.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Our JEwelry

We pride ourselves in the responsibly sourced materials used to make Caribbijou’s West Indian Bangles. Each bangle is handmade with expert care and craftsmanship, making it as unique as our customers. 


Our sterling silver bangles, also known as Bayras, start as fine grain and are smelted into 925 sterling silver. We then take the sterling silver and pour them into bars that are then milled into wire of different thicknesses. Afterwards, we cut the wires to size and mark them with either our signature calypso pattern or our traditional diamante pattern. 

The heads of the bangles are first made with wax molds that are then cast into sterling silver. When they come out of the casting, they need to be cleaned and just about finished to prepare it for assembly with the wire. Once the wires and the heads are both ready, they are soldered together with 925 sterling silver solder. To finish each bangle off, we round each bangle into shape, polish them and complete them with hand-placed bright cuts.


All of Caribbijou’s earrings and other small items are crafted with unique attention to ensure each piece has that special handmade touch. All of our items start off as fine silver that then needs to be smelted into sterling silver. The sterling silver is then poured into bars and milled into wire. Next, the wire is cut to size and bent into shape with pliers to form earring hooks. 

The rest of the earring is first made in wax molds that are then cast with sterling silver. Afterward, we prepare each piece for assembly with the earring hooks by cleaning and semi-finishing them. Once the earrings are assembled, we complete them through polishing and adding hand-placed bright cuts as needed.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

75+ Years of Tradition

Our story begins in Trinidad and Tobago with our grandfather. He started the business handcrafting gorgeous Bayras, or West Indian Bangles. The skills have been passed down from generation to generation and we are proud to keep the tradition alive and thriving.