The Story of the Steel Pan Bangle

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All of my pieces have stories behind them, and many of them pay homage to the West Indian Islands, where I spent my childhood.

The steel pan bangle is one of the most important pieces to me personally. Although I love the motifs of the natural plants and environment of our islands, which are incorporated in many of my handmade jewelry, the steel pan design represents music and art, which are central to Caribbean life.

It is a symbol of our people and our culture, which we created as a disenfranchised people reclaiming and making the islands our own post-slavery. This makes the steel pan jewelry empowering in one of the most important ways: creativity.

The steel pan is a musical instrument originally made from old oil drums. It was invented in Trinidad, and the distinctive sound of a steel pan band has become a symbol around the world of island life.

steel pan band

In 1980, my father moved back to Trinidad from the United States after serving in the Vietnam War. He noticed other jewelry-makers had steel pan earrings and pendants. My dad had the idea to put this design on a bangle, and the Caribbijou steel pan bangle was born!

Today, I carry on the tradition of making steel pan bangles in both silver and gold, in 110 gauge and 150 gauge. I also make hand-braided bangles with this design, as well as earrings and pendants. Recently, my dad made me a steel pan ring. I love this ring so much, I have started re-creating it for my customers.

steel pan jewelry

The steel pan represents something that brings us all together as Island people. It reminds us that we are talented, gifted people, not bound by our past, with massive potential to create our own destinies. I hope that you will also love the steel pan jewelry as much as I do. 

Steel Pan Jewelry

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  • I am from Trinidad but living in Maryland most of my life. I have a lot of jewelry from Trinidad but these jewelry from you all are just as good and I have bought a lot of pieces from you all. Thanks for bringing a bit of home to us.

    Angela Maxwell on
  • Good afternoon I am interested in ordering a pair of the steel pan. If I place my order today how soon would I receive them. I’m in Florida.

    Avril Donadelle on
  • I want to see more bangles

    Alicia Sprauve on
  • I would love to order some bangles

    Denise on
  • My 2nd time ordering. It was so close to Christmas, I honestly didn’t think I’d get my order BEFORE 12/25. OMG. Got my order in less than a week. Thanks for the Superb Customer Service. I’ll be ordering more.

    Sterling Ernette on
  • I just purchased my 15th bangle . I gave a few away so I have 10 on my arm. 🤎🤎🤎🎄🎄🎄

    Roslyn M on
  • I must wanted to take this time, to let you know the Bangle I purchased is so precious and Beautiful. Thank-you so very much for your Professionalism in whole website as well as getting the order out so soon. I look forward to ordering more of your Beautiful Jewelry.

    Aleshia on
  • Thank you khadijah for your beautiful jewelry you got me started again building my collection every time you sent me a little package it was joyful to me it was my present to myself bless you and continue your wonderful work I will be buying more

    Hi joni on
  • I love your jewelry but I’m in need of a larger size dolphin bangles ( would like 2 size at least 9)

    Tanya Bell on
  • I’m looking for 14k gold bangle in 6 1/2. I have small wrist, I see most start at 7. Can I have them made in 6 1/2?

    Cynthia Alston on

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