Looking for The Perfect baby Gift? Consider the Timeless Beauty of A Baby Bangle

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Baby bangles are the perfect gift for the young person in your family. With several choices to choose from in our Caribbijou collection, you are sure to give a gift that will leave a beautiful impression that will last for years.

At Caribbijou, we have baby bangles that are sure to complement any taste in jewelry. From the simple and reserved to a little flashier, you are sure to find a bangle that you will love. Every bangle we make is handmade and therefore every piece is unique. No two are exactly the same! One of our favorites, if we are forced to choose just one, is the 110 West Indian Baby Bangle with Taj Mahal. It is made from high-quality 925 sterling silver and has space to leave a personal message or name with an engravable plate. This baby bangle is marked along the sides with a unique diamante pattern with the two heads are symbolizing the Taj Mahal. The pattern on the wire compliments the pattern on the Taj making a beautiful continuous pattern that the recipient will completely adore.

As much as we love the 110 West Indian Baby Bangle, we have a huge selection of different bangles to choose from. Visit our baby bangle web page and look for the exclusive piece that speaks to you. Our jewelry makes great gifts for any occasion or just as a gift to let someone know how much you care about them!


Want to Learn More About the History of Baby Bangles?

No problem! West Indian Bangles are a tradition of the Caribbean Islands. They were originally created through the unison of East Indian and African designs. These West Indian Bangles are typically worn in pairs but I price and sell them individually so you can choose how many you want to buy. These bangles are unisex such that both men and women wear thick bangles and thin bangles although men tend to prefer the thicker ones. They are often given to children to remind them of their heritage. Baby bangles are a great way to share culture and history with the next generation!

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