New Earring Design -Large Hoops with Small Charms

Posted by Khadijah Alexander on

This West Indian Earring is a design that my dad came up with recently and sent a few examples for me to try to make. Even in his retirement he continues to design and make new items.

He used the same pattern we put on our round and flat West Indian Bangles on the outside of the earring and highlighted each diamante on this Calypso pattern with hand placed bright cuts once all of the soldering was finished. 

After rounding the wire he soldered the small charm hook onto the large hoop with the West Indian Charm. In this example it is a Small Humming Bird charm. 

Next, the safety catch was fashioned and fixed to the earring completing the process. 

Let me know what you think about this item! Is it something I should continue to make and expand on? Do you like it and would you wear it? What specific charms would you want in your earring? 


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  • Yes I LOVE the earrings and I would order them! Beautiful

    Jennifer on

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