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Antigua Map Pendant Caribbean Jewelry by Caribbijou

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🌍 Antigua:
Known for its unusual number of beaches, 365 to be exact as well as quaint, historical sites, our Antigua map pendent is like carrying a tiny piece of the island with you.
💎 Quality Craftsmanship:
Made from .925 sterling silver with a genuine love for Caribbean heritage, our pieces will bring you lasting joy and connection to this beautiful island.
🎁 Perfect Gift for Adventure Lovers:
Whether you travel a lot or just love the idea of exploring new places, these map pendants are a great gift. They're like a little reminder of exciting adventures and can make someone’s day.
🌟 Versatile Elegance:
Our Antigua map pendants are great for everyday wear or special occasions. Or whenever you want to show love for the island or represent your heritage.

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