Large Hibiscus Flower Earring Hanging Short in 925 Sterling Silver

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Hand assembled Hibiscus earrings hanging short. 


Much of the vibrant color of the Caribbean Islands comes from its flora.
The Hibiscus flower, in particular, is found throughout the region in a wide variety of hybrids, ranging from pale yellow and pink hues to rich deep reds and golds. An edible flower, it is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin C. Used in salads, or as a wonderful garnish, it also has healing properties when made into a tea.

They hang approximately 1" long and are about 1/2" at its widest.

Item features a handmade hook with safety catch. The Hibiscus and the flower extender are casted separately and the entire earring is assembled by hand 

Sold as a pair they weigh approximately 3.4g. These light weight earrings are suitable for everyday wear as they do not alter your piercing as some heavy earrings tend to do.

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