Caribbean Banana Lady Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver

Caribbean Banana Lady Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver

  • $14.21

Beautiful Banana Lady Pendant 

This item is detailed and shows a woman walking with one hand on her waist and the other supporting a basket on her head with a banana cluster from the tree in the basket. 

About the Banana Lady
Island Vendors are a common sight throughout the Caribbean, offering produce in local markets, or setting up a stall in urban areas where townsfolk can enjoy fresh fruit daily.
The banana lady balancing bunches of banana on her head is an iconic image in the colourful and eventful history of the West Indies where the common folk have taken full advantage of nature’s bounty to make a living.

This item can also be used as a charm.

This lovely pendant hangs approximately 1" long

The pendant is solid and weighs approximately 2g 

Necklace not included
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Please note: that all items are handmade and that means that there will be variations in listed dimensions. They are to be used as guides for your purchase but are not exact values.

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