Give The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift & Save 10% While Using The Code: MOM20

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Mothers are super-human beings! They work hard, care for you, and love you with their all. It can be hard to find a gift that can amount to how much you would like to thank and appreciate them. Whether you are looking to purchase a gift for your own mother, or someone else’s, you know that they deserve the very best. Here’s where Caribbijou can help your mom the perfect gift while saving 10% if you use the promo code MOM20. (Please remember the code MOM20 is case-sensitive)

Jewelry is a perfect, timeless gift that cannot be outdone. Our bangles, rings, and earrings here at Caribbijou are uniquely handcrafted with love and high-quality materials, not to mention skillfully created to spread the love. With the variety of styles for our beautiful products, you will be able to find a gift that she will cherish forever. And once you decide to purchase, take 10% off by using the promo code MOM20 for your special gift.

Our jewelry is offered in the highest quality of either Sterling Silver or Gold. If you are looking for a bracelet, our Bangles come in a variety of options. From thin to thick, braided, chained, or flat, you can easily find a style that suits her. We also have Jingle Bracelets, if you are looking for a simple yet classy piece of jewelry. Our Earrings, Rings, Pendants, and Charms are a lovely gift as well and are sure to be adored by her. If she loves jewelry with her birthstone, we offer Birthstone West Indian Bangles that come with any birthstone, for any month of the year.

We especially recommend our Engravable Bangles for this holiday, as they are an easy way to make the gift customizable and memorable to her. You can choose anything to engrave on her bracelet; her name, a short message of thanks, or whatever will make her smile. Be sure to use the promo code MOM20 to save 10% off of your Engravable Bangle, or with whatever you chose!




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  • Omg!!!!!! I just received my bracelet today. Ohhhh yes, I will be buying another one.

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