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We know that sometimes it can be difficult to shop online for certain items, such as jewelry. Specifically with wrist sizes, we want to make sure that the fit is not uncomfortably tight where it may cut off circulation, or dangerously loose where you may easily lose your favorite bracelet. 

Our West Indian Bangles, specifically, are traditionally made in 2 sizes, Adult and Child, and are made to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes. Caribbijou offers a wide range of sizes so you can match the kind of look you want with comfort of size. We do not recommend bending them or adjusting them frequently, due to potential breakage over time, but they are more flexible when it comes to size. 

But for our other bracelets, such as our Braided or Flat bracelets, we recommend ordering the most accurate size. So let’s avoid ordering incorrect sizes, and the hassle of returning or exchanging items via online. 

Here are our recommended steps in shopping at our store for bracelets:

Step 1: Printing 
Click here for a custom, printable measuring tape! 

Printable Measuring Tape 


We recommend printing this off to measure your wrist. When printing, please ensure that the following boxes are unchecked in the print dialogue box to avoid inaccuracy: 

  • Shrink oversized pages to paper size 
  • Expand small pages to paper size 
  • Auto rotate and center 


If you don’t have a printer or want to avoid printing something off, you can also use a standard- sized piece of paper. 


Step 2: Measuring 

First, cut out the ruler along the lines. Then starting at the “0,” wrap the tape around your wrist bone snugly against your skin. You’ll need your exact measurement, so mark where the ends of the tape measure touch. Avoid adding or subtracting from this measurement. 


If you’re using a standard piece of paper: 

Starting from the edge of a piece of paper, wrap the paper around your wrist. Mark with a pen where the paper's edges touch. Then, link up the paper against a ruler and provide your exact wrist measurement in inches.


Step 3: Ordering

When you order with us, enter your wrist measurement online (in inches). 

Please keep in mind, when you are ordering a bracelet you measure your exact wrist size, but we do recommend adding half an inch for a comfortable fit! 


For our West Indian Bangles, we have a tip for you! If you prefer to wear it open, you can purchase it in a half inch smaller. If you want to wear it wrapped, you can order your bracelet in half an inch bigger and close it in. 

*Sizes on our bracelets may vary according to the type of bracelet and what is in stock*

Once you have the correct size in your cart, order and enjoy! We hope you love our jewelry as much as we love crafting it for you! 

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  • This was very helpful in ordering the correct size for my teen niece.

    Daphne S-W on
  • Truly enjoy my Bangle’s. Placing another order for 2 more to add to my collection.

    Betty on

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